MULTIUP ... Files mirror upload on various file-hosts ... Free!
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Author:  galmuchet [ Mon Jun 01, 2015 4:02 am ]
Post subject:  MULTIUP ... Files mirror upload on various file-hosts ... Free!

(Thx to Pete2000) :) _ is the best host and I think everybody should use it. I can understand your frustration with the web site if you don't use an ad-blocker. I use "Adblock Edge" with Firefox which "cleans up" the download page dramatically.

Screen shot without "Adblock Edge" (don't touch any of the "obvious" buttons, just use the grey one: DOWNLOAD or TELECHARGER for Frenchies) in the centre of the page)


In addition to the extra buttons several new windows will fly open with advertising crap. Just close those extra windows.

Below a screen shot with "Adblock Edge" enabled (only one download button is shown in this mode):


There are normally no extra windows opening with Adblock Edge enabled (however this can change from country to country you are operating from).

After you click the correct download button, another window opens. Again, there will be many extra windows opening if you don't use Ad-blocker and it is easy to get lost amongst them.

Screen shot without "Adblock Edge":


Screen shot with "Adblock Edge" enabled (no extra windows will open):


You can use any of the hosts listed under "Download mirror".

You should really only use Firefox browser for downloading from Adblock Edge will not work with Google Chrome (or other browsers). Also, Chrome will not allow you to download YouTube videos, another reason to avoid this browser.

Perhaps I should create some instructions for downloads in it's own topic. I hope this will help anyway. Take care.

Author:  trek400 [ Mon Jun 01, 2015 5:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: MULTIUP ... Files mirror upload on various file-hosts ... Free!

I prefer to use MULTIUP when give the option.

I use Chrome with AdBlock and never have a problem downloading. If I want to download anything from YouTube, which is rare, I use the portable app YouTube Downloader HD.

My backup option for downloading is the portable version of Comodo Dragon browser, which is Chrome with security features built-in. It comes with a download extension that works quite well.

The bottom line is, with an ad blocking extension, MULTIUP is great.

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